Do you have products related to the HCI field?

Fiona lets you turn your products into Sparks and embody them. You only have to wrap your product with our API to link them with the rest of the platform.

TTS, ASR, dialogue managers, identifiers based on speech or vision, emotion recognizers or anything you can think of related to HCI has its place in FIONA

Check the Spark Developer Guide at Fiona’s wiki to know how.

Sell your Sparks in the SparkStore and help the community to build living characters.

License your products as SaaS for the Sparklink Zone and the Sparkrender Zone. Your profits will grow up as much as your products are used.

How does Fiona help you?

  • New Channel

    Fiona allows you to take your creations further. Just upload your Spark and share it with the world

  • Greater scope

    Increase your customer segments. Fiona provides you global visibility and access to new markets.

  • Increase your income

    Expand your licensing model and make the most of your products.