What is Fiona?

This video has been subsidized by IDEPA and co-funded with FEDER funds through the Feder Operative Programme 2007-2013 from Asturias.


The first hologram avatar created in Fiona


Now introducing… Fiona!!

If you want to know all about Fiona, watch what Jorge explains to Rieke so that she joins the community!


The Spark and the Giants

One drop of water alone is unique, but when all the millions of drops of water come together, an amazing and beautiful ocean is unveiled. Join us and get involved in something bigger than anything you’ve ever seen before.
Keep Sparking Together!


The Red Nut

Make the difference. You are unique and want to do something that exceeds the limits, something that really can change the world. Lead that change in Fiona!
Let’s Spark Together!