Is your research related to Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence?

You can see the result of your research as a whole in Fiona. Use your knowledge to solve real life problems. Check your thesis in an environment that enriches your validation using the Sparks!

Turn your research into Sparks and offer them to Fiona’s community. You can sell them in the SparkStore and earn extra money!

Check the Spark Developer Guide at Fiona’s wiki to know how.

Fiona also allows you to focus on your own specific field of research whilst maximizing the benefit achieved through enabling co-operation between different fields.

What Fiona offers you

  • Cooperation

    Cooperate to achieve great challenges. Your Sparks can make a difference and bring us closer to true artificial intelligence.

  • Humanize the technology

    You can test your algorithms on Fiona. Just look at the result.

  • Benefits

    Sell your Sparks in Fiona and get extra money to continue your research. The price is up to you!