Introducing Fiona…

Introducing Fiona…

Maybe we should better say what Fiona is, because it’s definitely not a person.

Fiona is an online platform to create the next generation of virtual robots: more interactive, more striking and smarter.

Fiona allows users to create their own intelligent character or virtual robot. Developers, researchers, companies, geeks and designers from around the world can contribute to the platform uploading their killer feature, a specific behavior, an amazing character or the best of their knowledge in a topic. These are sparks, like apps.

The smarter the sparks are, the smarter the character will be. Everything with the final goal to create a character that is finally able to understand humans. In other words, the final goal is to create an artificial mind.

There are three environments in Fiona:

  • Sparklink

    Create your Spark and upload it to Fiona. At the Sparklink people can combine different Sparks to create their avatar. It’s a drag and drop thing.

  • SparkStore

    It’s an online store where users share, either for free or charging for it, the Sparks they created or buy new ones from others. The main difference from other online stores is that users only share Fiona modules.

  • Sparkrender

    This is the final stage. Once the avatar is complete, users can post it on their website through the Sparkrender.