Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at Fiona’s wiki for more specific information.


  • What is a Virtual Robot or an Avatar?

    A Virtual Robot or Avatar is an animated character with behavior, intelligence and language skills.

    How does Fiona work?

    Each user can create a Spark and Fiona will empower these Sparks to talk to each other so that together they create a virtual robot. Your code or design is wrapped in our API in order to convert it into a Spark, so it can communicate with the rest of the platform. Once it is uploaded you will be able to connect and combine your Sparks with others.

    There will be free Sparks that make a complete Virtual Robot provided by Fiona, but you can also buy new ones at the SparkStore. Sparks can be free or commercial ones. You can sell your Sparks or give them for free to the community

    Why Fiona?

    Faster Advance: Working together we make faster progress in Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence research.
    Humanization of Technology: Fiona is not something that stays in the lab. Its goal is to bring the latest technological advances to society.
    Make the Difference: Your Sparks are part of a whole. You will contribute to something that can reach true Artificial Intelligence.

    What is the Singularity?

    The Technological singularity refers to the hypothetical future emergence of greater-than-human intelligence through technological means. More information here

    What relationship does Fiona have with the Singularity?

    Many of the most recognized writers on the Singularity define the concept in terms of the technological creation of superintelligence.
    Fiona brings together HCI and Artificial Intelligence knowledge from around the world and embodies it in a Virtual Robot. So if one person creates their own Spark that gives the Virtual Robot one single feature, imagine what millions of minds can create. Working together in Fiona we make faster progress to create the superintelligence and reach the Singularity sooner than you would expect.

    It sounds amazing, but I think it’s too complex for me…

    Nothing is too complicated. We will provide you user and developer documentation, adapted to your technological knowledge. Even if you are a non-technological person you will be able to develop Sparks easily!

    If you read about Fiona and you like the idea but don’t know how you can help, feel free to send us an email. We will be happy to guide you!

    What are the duties of a beta tester?

    You just have to use the platform. Try to upload some Sparks and combine them. Then, give us your feedback to improve following versions!

    Do we hire people?

    We are not hiring people, you can be part of  the community by developing Sparks, using Sparks other people have developed and combining them to make your own Virtual Robot. The rest of the community can buy the Sparks you have developed at the price you set!

  • What is a Spark?

    A Spark is an app. It can be the voice of the virtual robot, the language, the knowledge or some kind of functionality (reading and answering emails, reading RSS, post on Facebook, share news, etc.)

    I have already registered. Why can’t I access Fiona?

    The platform is being tested by a selected group of people. If you wish to test the platform, please let us know and we’ll try to give you access as soon as possible. Remember this is still a beta version.

    Do you provide a development environment such as SDK for developers to use?

    Yes, you can download our API for the development.

    How do I adapt my creation to Fiona?

    Take a look at Fiona’s wiki to find out. There you will find the Sparker Guide.

    Can a Sparker forbid the use of a Spark of his own by a company they don’t approve?

    Yes. You are the owner of your Spark, when you upload you Spark you will be able to tell us if you want any restrictions on the use of your Spark.

    How can I be part of Fiona?

    You can register here.

    Are the 3D designs chosen from a list or does the user ask for specific features for the designers to make the Spark?

    The 3D designs come from the store, so they are already made designs, but if a final client, or an integrator asks for a specific design we will contact the designers participating in Fiona.

    What is the price of the Sparks?

    The price is up to you!

    What is Sparking Together?

    Sparking Together is Fiona’s slogan. Its meaning came from the idea of many people creating Sparks and sharing them.

    How does Fiona help to create true Artificial Intelligence?

    There are many people all over the world developing and researching in different fields related to Artificial Intelligence, but they are focused on a very specific subject. Fiona brings together all that knowledge and effort to accelerate the process of producing an Artificial Mind.

    Is this platform like Second Life?

    No. Fiona is not a virtual world. It’s a platform to create Virtual Robots that have their own autonomy

    This is too complicated for me. Is there an easier way to have a Virtual Robot in my website?

    Yes! You can have your own Virtual Robot based on fiona’s technology and use it for customer support. It is the next step for chat online!