Designers & Artists

Designers & Artists

Can you create dynamic and striking characters?

Fiona makes it easy for you to turn your 2D or 3D characters into Sparks and bring them to life. Just make them laugh, make them cry, make them stand on their heads, let the Sparks fly!!

The Creation Guide will be soon at Fiona’s Wiki.

You can also buy Sparks which enrich your character or sell your own in the SparkStore to help the community. The price is up to you!


What does FIONA offer you?

  • Promotion

    Fiona allows you to take your creations further. Just upload your Spark and share it with the world!

  • Visibility

    Fiona puts together users around the world with different profiles. Everybody will see your creations.

  • Recognition

    Your Spark can achieve top sales! If you are good, everybody will know it!